Delicious Ukrainian Food 🇺🇦 New Location: 2211 NW Military Hwy. Suite 131B Castle Hills, TX 78213. Wednesday - Sunday 10:00am - 7:00pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

Sharing Our Journey With You.

Sharing Our Journey With You.

“Soledar is a city in Bakhmut Raion, Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine. The name of the town means ‘Gift of Salt’ both in Ukrainian and Russian, because of a large salt mining community. Be part of my family’s journey that started in a small village outside of Soledar—this Gift of Salt can now be yours.” - Olga …ㅤ “The first time I tried Borscht with Lamb and Sour Cream, I couldn’t believe how tasty this food was. I shared some Lamb Borscht with a guy at work, and he said, ‘That soup was so life changing; my tummy is happy.’ The idea of opening a restaurant then came naturally because Olga’s food had to be shared. This is amazing food with really quality ingredients, and it speaks for itself; people keeping coming back for more.” - Simon

Our Menu

This might be your new favorite food.

Dishes may change based on availability. We have a Saturday Special Meal Too!

  • Dumplings w/ Garlic and Sour Cream


    Choice of Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Potato (vegetarian).

  • Potato Stuffed Pierogi


    Two Ukrainian pierogis (dough) filled with mashed potato.

  • Chicken Chebureky Empanadas


    These chicken chebureki are made with a homemade dough from scratch, the dough is rolled out, stuffed with a seasoned ground chicken filling, then sealed and fried until perfectly golden and crunchy.

  • Varelniky Stuffed with Potato


    A fried Ukrainian potato dumpling. Add Mushrooms or Bacon.

  • Bosrcht (Ukrainian Cabbage Soup)


    Classic red soup with chicken and vegetables.

  • Organic Chicken Skewers and Salad


  • Saturday Special Meal


    Ask about this hearty meal on Saturdays!

  • Cabbage Garlic Marinated Salad


  • Kompot - Drink


    Kompot is a fresh Ukrainian drink made from real berries.

  • Coke, Smart Water, Other Soft Drinks